First Post Ever: Time to Dive in…

After graduating from college last Saturday I set myself off on a journey of self-discovery. I can do anything I want to. The world is my oyster. Nothing can stop me…the only problem is I’ve already stopped. Adjusting from the college bubble to the real world again is proving to be quite the experience. After a week of cramming for exams and writing papers I felt like I had been pushed to the limit. Not only did I have to worry about passing all my classes (No C’s please) the pressure of graduation was constantly looming over my head. But as much as I wanted to avoid it,  I knew the second I hopped on that plane from upstate New York to New York City my issues would disappear. No more stressing over my undergrad career or my personal life, I have nothing to tie me down anymore. And so it begins. My hunt for a new life. New friends. New loves. A career. This is the beginning. I can do anything I want. If only I knew what I wanted.


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