Color Changes

I just finished repainting my walls. They went from a powder blue  to a dark purple in a mere three days! I never realized how much work goes into painting. You have to make sure the coats on evenly and that you haven’t missed any spots. Even when you think you have it perfect you step back and you can see all of your little mistakes. Some parts of the wall are too light, some are too dark, and you can see all of those lines where you got frustrated and just started pushing the roller in all different directions. As much as you try and make things perfect, the reality is it’s not possible. The harder you try to force things to go a certain way the more likely they are to go awry. That’s why as we’re doing things we just need to do them as best we can without obsessing over the results because the only person who is going to be examining those walls for flaws is you.

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