Psychic Credibility

In order to figure out the direction our lives are going an old friend and I decided to go see a psychic. First we saw a man who my friend knew through some references. He read my palm and told me my love and family lines were very deep and I base my life on the importance of these two aspects. True. He could tell that I had undergone much trauma this year due to my love life and it has left me emotionally drained…also true. Here is where it gets creepy. He knew about this man I was seeing back at school. He knew exactly what he looked like. He told me this man and I had a deep connection and that he needs to put more time and energy into us and that I should not give up on him. For some reason this psychic believes we will last for 3-4 years. How? We’re 500 miles away. He told me we have different mindsets about our “relationship.” Do I believe what I know or do I believe this psychic? Part of me thought me and this guy would end up together, someway, somehow. I just have this gut feeling that he’s going to wake up one day and realize how right we are for one another. But you can’t force a man to be with you and you shouldn’t give him your everything when he only tempts you with bits and pieces of his heart. The second psychic told me that I have a man who will love me from afar but he’s putting me on the back burner. She said I want to intertwine my life with someone but this man won’t give me what I want. She told me not to wait for him. Maybe the first psychic just saw what I wanted him to see. I guess I’ll never really know the truth until time catches up with me.


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