“The One”

What happens when you think you’ve found the one, but circumstances keep you from ever being together? Was that person really the only person out there who is meant for you?

One would think that the universe wouldn’t be so cruel as to lure two people together and then rip them apart before they were even given a chance to evolve as one. Maybe things do happen for a reason and the beauty that these two people found together could never have lasted past that short amount of time they were allotted with one another.

Being a person who was always independent and self-sufficient, someone who has been hurt so much from the opposite sex, I never believed I’d meet anyone who could turn my world upside down. But I did. And my entire life changed in an instant. We had this unstoppable chemical reaction. When we kissed my head would spin so fast I felt like I was flying. I couldn’t think straight when we were together and I know he couldn’t resist me either. He made me feel like I was the total package-sexy, smart, beautiful, honest, kind, desirable, perfect even. He adored me as much as I adored him. But it wasn’t anything I’d ever thought it would be. It left me with more pain than happiness.

The timing couldn’t have been any worse, with me graduating college and moving back home, a brutal 400 miles away, there was little hope for a lasting relationship. I would have swam across the Everglades if it meant I could be with him, but I knew in my heart he didn’t feel the same. Or he did feel the same, but he just didn’t feel like trying.

I don’t know what to make of my experience. It feels so cruel that a greater force would draw two people who had such a passion for one another together and then tear them apart with no future in sight. I like to believe that there is more than just one person for everyone. At least that way, I can find what I had for four weeks again with somebody else.


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