Some Thoughts on Blogging

Blogging is seductive.

People throw words onto a screen and publish it to the Internet for all to see. No one knows if people will actually read what they post or even get past the first sentence.

You can tell when a blog is contrived. You can see when people are trying to appease the public by inserting lots of pretty pictures, or making their entries short, neat and to the point. It’s narcissistic to believe that people are actually interested in things that we have to say, so why should we limit ourselves based on what we think the public will be interested in?

We work, we write, perfect,  and spend time. People who dedicate themselves to blogs are passionate about writing and telling their stories, thoughts, and opinions. It doesn’t matter if people are entertained by it or not. Our blogs are our way of representing ourselves to ourselves. We can mold and shape and try to project a certain image. We want to be able to go back over what we write and say, Yes! That’s exactly right. That’s me. This is the person who I am. This is my creation. To others we can appear messy, whiny, disorganized, uninteresting, or boring depending on what we decide to put out there. But only we know the true message we are trying to parlay. It is to our own selves that we must appease so that we can become better writers.


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