Being a Woman is Complicated

If you haven’t read this book by Eve Ensler, you should. Especially if you’re a woman. She gives me inspiration when I need it most.

I am an emotional creature. I have complicated, layered, massive feelings.

I can have intense reactions. I am dramatic, irrational, frustrating, yet deep.

I can get sad for no reason. Feeling alone, rejected, I weep.

I can let words hurt, the sting lasts for days.

I can stop feeling, stare endlessly into space.

I can overlook all of the good, focus on bad,  sometimes I believe I only deserve to be sad.

I can make mountains out of molehills, I can blame others and not myself, I can be rude and spiteful and deny kindness or help.

Although I can feel an abundance of ways, it’s not how I like to spend most of my days.

So I begin to tell myself I am loving, and kind. I am beautiful, healthy, this life is all mine.

I can choose to spend it whining, hopeless, seeking repentance.

Or I can begin on a road to self-discovery and acceptance.

And if no one can deal, I don’t need anyone else.

All that I need is to be true to myself.

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