Letter of Interest

After a normal day of work, pilates, and a little grocery shopping I expected to come home, eat dinner and relax. Instead, I may have a potential stalker on my hands.

“Trina something came in the mail for you,” said Dad.


There was an envelope marked Ms. Katrina Masterson.

That’s not my last name …

Inside was a recent article I published in a newspaper with my name circled and underlined, and an illegible note scribbled on top, along with my home address.

Dear Ms. Masterson,

At your earliest convenience please give me a call about his enclosed writeup, advertisement or business card.

I have reason to believe you might be interested in what I have to offer.


Manona Relshir

PS Massachusetts celebrities

The word “writeup” was circled.

I found it slightly bizarre. There were noticeable errors in the letter, making me question who this man is and what he wants with me or my writing.

After some thorough research, I read several reviews about how this bookstore owner finds people who write articles in the newspaper, contacts them either by phone or e-mail and solicits his business to them, stating that his big offer is that they should become one of his customers.

Part of me feels like I should stay away. People on Yelp have described him as “kook,” “crazy,” rude,” or “grump.” Maybe he’s a guy who loves books and doesn’t have much else to do besides reach out to people to try and generate his ailing business. The other part of me wants to visit the store pretending to be a customer and see what he’s really like and what his story is.

Maybe he’s just a lonely old guy hanging out around messy piles of books all day, wondering what he’s doing with his life, in need of people who care enough about him to visit his store.

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