Zoo Animals

Electric Zoo is a huge part of my generation. It’s a giant rave where people dress in crazy costumes, freely talk about their love of designer drugs, and bump to the beat of the bass. Since 2013 marked its 5th year, I decided to finally take part in this event to see what it’s all about.

I am not a “raver” by any means, but when I hear the bass thumping I love to dance and feel the power of the music surging through me. I don’t follow any of the DJ’s who were playing, except maybe David Guetta and Tiesto, but I can still understand the hardcore love for this type of stuff.

People got creative with their outfits, I saw a few penguins, sharks, peacocks, tigers, and Indians. Girls wore furry boots, bikinis, pasties, and walked around with their rear ends hanging out. I even saw someone who found the bodysuit Miley Cyrus wore during her infamous VMA performance, she was also wearing cones on her head.

A lot of people advertised the designer drug “Molly,” on their t-shirts, asking “Have you seen Molly?” Three people were dressed in bright yellow tank tops, spelling M-O-L, (L and Y seemed to be missing). Some guys wore degrading t-shirts like, “Sober bitches are a waste of time” and “I pull out” with an image of a bed.

At Main Stage East, there was a man in a fishing hat running around with a huge hose, soaking the audience as everyone bumped to the beat. Girls who were dressed up in rhinestones and tutus with big furry boots laced up with ribbon were running in every direction. I crouched down or hid behind my tall boyfriend. I was tired of getting soaked but the man wouldn’t give up, even going so far as chasing me as I ran away from him.

After an hour or two, the lawn was littered with plates, flattened cups, and water bottles, even though there were garbage cans throughout the venue.

E-Zoo got much more interesting at night. It looked awesome when everything was lit up. Colorful lights were strung throughout the trees, along with wind chimes, stars, and other random things. There were statues of a colorful giraffe, a silver rhino, and tigers.

I spent most of the time there sitting on the lawn just relaxing and listening to the music. By the end of the night, I was fried. I lounged around and listened to the Bingo Players. I recognized a contestant from America’s Next Top Model and asked her if she was on the show. That was probably the coolest part for dorky little me.

These people were all hardcore for electronic music. Everyone was there to have a good time, but I felt like an outsider looking into a different world. I couldn’t have been more out of my element than I was. Even though it’s not necessarily my thing, I’m glad I made it to the biggest music festival of the year.


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