I’ve hit 40,000 words. I have 10,000 more to go! So close, yet so far. It’s difficult to keep these characters and this story chugging along. I took a week off of writing in early November but managed to catch up! This by no means will be a masterpiece but it’s my little achievement. My creation. 

I’ve always had respect for writers and novelists but now that this whole thing is drawing to a close, I have even more respect for people like Nelson DeMille, Ann Brashares, J.K. Rowling, Jack Kerouac and so many more talented authors who are able to weave together novels, create characters, plot lines, and make it all flow together. People who have the ability to transport people into the worlds they have created using their minds and life experiences. It’s a beautiful thing.

They say, practice makes perfect. The more I write, the better I’ll get. Maybe someday I’ll have inspired a young girl just like me to follow her dreams and pursue her creative passions. You never know.

To those WriMos who are still working on it, let’s keep it going!! You’re all doing great!!  


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