Excerpt from NaNoWriMo

Then he met Olivia. She was wild. He liked her despite not knowing as much about her as he did her body. Austin didn’t care where she came from or how many siblings she had, but if she was having a bad day and needed someone, he would lend an ear. He’d snuggle up to her and they would end up sleeping together.

He knew where every scar and mole laid about the curves of her supple frame and the size of the bra that cupped her ample breasts. He knew the type of panties she preferred to wear and what her favorite time of day to fool around was, at dawn, when the sun was rising, and before anybody else woke up. Before she was able to rub the sleep out of her eyes. Before she was conscious enough to realize that the man who she had been sleeping with for all of this time knew nothing of her naked soul but only of what he could see with his bare eyes.

Afterwards they would hang out and talk about general stuff, music, movies, books, happenings but nothing more. Austin thought she was a nice, sweet girl and cute to boot but nothing more. He continued doing what they were accustomed to, being close and connecting their bodies as one, all while keeping everything else at an arm’s length.

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