Listicle Nomination (5 Important Things To Do After A Breakup)

Good Morning Bloggers! I am honored and excited to announce that a listicle I wrote was nominated last week for a contest by The Fickle Heartbeat.

Four months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of more than a year. It was difficult to let go of him and our relationship however I soon realized if I ever wanted to be truly happy I needed to fall in love with me. Relationships can be great when you’re with the right person, not all of us are so lucky to find them right away. With the end of my relationship I’ve been focusing on myself and I’ve come to a few conclusions. I believe we should challenge ourselves every single day. We should live to our fullest potential, jump off the ledge and embrace the world. We can choose to do it with someone else or we can get out there, grab the bull by it’s horns and just do it!! Going at it alone is empowering and something we all should experience.

If you have ever been through a rough breakup and want some perspective, if you feel sad about being single or if you still need help with your healing, check out my post at:

5 Important Things to do After a Break-Up

Let’s fall in love with ourselves! Don’t be afraid to like, comment and share!! Thanks!

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