It’s All Alright

Walking through the streets of Manhattan on a chilly night in March with a few friends I see a man on the sidewalk. He’s standing there slightly hunched over.

“IT’S ALL ALRIGHT. ITS ALL ALRIGHT,” he claps his hands as he yells these words again and again,

He’s slightly hunched over with white hair. As I grow closer I can see his eyes are completely white. He looks so happy I feel an urge to join along in his song.

The group I’m with switches to the other section of the sidewalk, they all walk quickly, scattered away from this kooky Black man and his silly song.

I move closer to him, “It’s all alright!!” I shout loudly as I clap my hands.

His head turns, his white eyes look right at me. “It’s all alright!!”

I got nervous. Screamed and scurried away.


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