Update From My Date Who Was Four Hours Late and Never Showed

After completely blowing me off on Sunday afternoon, this guy is still hanging around wanting a second chance and an ego-boost. He apologized for ditching me but he was just “so exhausted” he couldn’t reach for the phone to cancel on the day we made plans.

He sent me a text saying “nothing really is going to happen between us” but he hoped we could be friends and even invited me snowboarding (shocker). I said that was fine. Of course I didn’t mean it. Before he disrespected me we definitely could have been friends. Now it’s over.

Last night he invited me to come out to a bar to see some cover band. I didn’t respond. This morning I get a text saying “missed out …………”

I replied “You too, sweetheart.”

I guess he felt guilty. He’s probably bored. He claimed he wanted to “make it up to me” by taking me out for dinner. He was so sweet to add in a little bonus, “I’ll even throw in a movie. I haven’t seen the Hobbit yet so let’s do that.”

“Are you even going to ask me if I like the Hobbit movies or if I’d like to see that or do you always make everything all about you,” I snapped back. By the way, I love the Hobbit movies and would have agreed to that if he wasn’t a dick bag.

“What movie would you like to see,” he answered.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I did not respond.

I wasn’t planning to answer. Ever. But I’m so tired of all the morons. I wanted to have some fun and mess with him a little bit. Maybe it was from the rush of endorphin’s I got the boxfit class I took this morning, maybe it was from the empowerment I’ve felt lately or maybe I just enjoy being a manipulative woman but I had to mess with this idiot.

Screenshots are provided below




I’m not exactly sure if he understood that I am a writer and I tend to make shit up, especially when pissed off. He is also a liar. He did not research anything. After that he actually asked again when I would like to go to dinner and a movie. I laughed out loud.

In my eyes, there is nothing to make up. He made his bed. He will find some other gal to tickle his fancy. It sure as hell aint gonna be this gal.

I really think he still believes that The Sacrifice is a real movie, I guess he hasn’t seen Lost. Anyway, I really gave it to the guy good. I even threw in a real psycho comment at the end telling him it was an honor and privilege to get to know me. If that doesn’t scare him off, I don’t know what will.

I think he’s secretly seeing another girl. I told him that he shouldn’t be texting me if he’s seeing someone else. I feel bad for her. I really do. Bye Felipe.


6 thoughts on “Update From My Date Who Was Four Hours Late and Never Showed

  1. Had a good laugh at this. I’m sorry that your date turned out to be a d-bag, but it’s nice to see girls making a statement that they won’t take no sht from nobody. You go, girl! A worthy guy will come along. 🙂

  2. Hahaha so glad I made you laugh. And thank you!! I am getting too adult for these stupid games. I’m not afraid to tell idiots off anymore. He will someday. I just need to weed these dumbies out first and have a blast emasculating them in the process 🙂

    • Hahaha. That I did but he also hurt me. This is how I see it: Bad people exist so we appreciate a good heart when we see it!!! Life is a mix of all kinds. When I see bad now I run for the hills!!!!!

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