Manifest Love Into Your Life With A Silver Box (or pail)

LovePailIn yoga when I’m in plow pose I close my eyes and focus on the space between my eyebrows. While in meditation, I repeat this mantra over and over: I want true love/real love/best friend love/healthy love. I channel all of my energy into opening myself up to love freely. When the time comes to break the pose I let go of my manifestation and continue to breathe and move through my practice.

I plan to make 2015 my year filled with positive love. Days after setting my intention in yoga, I was at work filling some of my editorial columns with fun facts when I came across a blurb on Feng Shui and how to attract love into your life using a silver box, a list and an image. I am totally into that kind of stuff. After work I headed to the craft store in search of a silver box. I couldn’t find one. I asked a sales girl for help and we decided the “silver box” is open to interpretation. Instead, I found a pretty silver pail. It just felt right.

On Sunday, January 11 I sat down at my desk with a red pen and a big piece of white paper and thought of all of the qualities I’d like to find in a man. I wrote everything I could possibly think of. Only positive things went on that list.

For example, instead of saying “I don’t want someone who ignores everything I say and talks over me,” I would say, “He listens and shows genuine interest in things I say.”

I then printed an image of two pink peonies (the flowers of love), folded up my list and placed both items in my pail. Then it was time to set my intention. I cupped the pail between my hands. I gave the object all of my positive energy by closing my eyes and repeating the mantra I had used in yoga: I want true love/real love/best friend love/healthy love. As the Feng Shui article instructed, I placed my object in the Southwest corner of my room. It said to wait 49 days and your love life would improve. I hid it in my nightstand and went about life as usual.

Three days later, on January 14, I matched with someone on the dating app I had been using called Coffee Meets Bagel. The conversation between us flowed with ease. Unlike the others I had talked to, we actually seemed to have a connection oh and he seemed NORMAL. As fate might have it, he has a friend that attended the same college as I did. He mentioned he had been to the spot all the students used to go to, the IB (the big barn). I used to live at that place on the weekends. The idea that we may have been there on the same night four years ago, formed a little connection that had made him feel a bit more real. Aside from that, we seemed to have so much in common. He was interested in what I had to say, told me I’m cute, and we just clicked. After a couple of days of texting, I was developing a crush on someone I hadn’t even met!!

That Sunday we met in person for the first time. As I mentioned before, it’s a little weird bringing online to real life but he began to transform into a human quickly. We couldn’t stop talking on our lunch date. We spent so much time blabbing we hardly looked at the menu. I thought to myself that he’s cute and I noticed him looking at me in “that way.” I was so damn nervous. When I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror I was horrified. I had seen and felt the big wet stains on the armpits of my bright red chiffon top. I stood there with my mouth open then began giggling to myself while blotting my underarms with paper towels. LOL.

When we sat down he told me he knew someone in this boisterous group of women who sat at the table next to us. After one of the women recognized him and he was talking to them I made mental notes (friendly, check; polite, check; comes from a good family, check). I could feel myself smiling at him as I watched him talk to these women. I guess one of the ladies noticed me ogling him because she looked at me and said “You look so familiar too!!!”

I smiled and said “Oh, do I?”

As I thought in my head, we met on the Internet, lady lolololol. This is our first time meeting in person.

After lunch we went on a walk. We stood in a spot in front of the bay. In that moment he tried to kiss me but I yelled “NO KISSING!!” and scurried away. And after that he still wanted to see me again 😀 and he even wanted to see me again when I yelled “NO KISSING!!” at the end of our second date.

We’ve been on three dates so far and all is going well. I don’t shut up … he doesn’t seem to mind it. He could be tuning me out for all I know though, who knows. We’re still in the stages of getting to know one another.

I don’t know if this will develop into something real but I have this gut feeling it could. I’m 100 percent my crazy, honest self and he seems to find it entertaining more than irritating. It’s just nice to be liked for who you are. Love or like, my romantic life has definitely improved after I channeled my pail.

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    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! When you let the universe know what you want and you believe, you’d be surprised at how quickly you receive what you’re looking for.

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