80 Followers – Thank You!


I’ve had my blog up and running for the past two years but I’ve never been sure of what direction I should take it in. Lately I’ve been feeling really creative and inspired and have been sharing some life experiences with you all. It seems like when I stop filtering myself and let it all go my posts become something I can be proud of. I’d like to continue in this direction!

Thank you so much to all who like, comment and follow me! I’ll be sure to keep those interesting posts coming and hopefully hit 100 followers soon!!

Peace and love to all of you. I appreciate all of the support.


3 thoughts on “80 Followers – Thank You!

  1. I think we should all have our own style for our blogs; someone will definitely find a reason to read it. There are so many people in the world and there is no way no one is going to read at least a post. Perhaps that post may be the one that helps us towards more readership in the future 🙂

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