A Singles Cruise Around New York Harbor

20140914_191937It was September 2014. I was four months out of my first serious relationship. I desperately wanted to forget about my ex-boyfriend and our hot mess relationship so I resorted to Meetup.com to find fun activities to partake in. There was a singles cruise in NYC listed. Even if I didn’t meet someone, watching the sunset in Manhattan from a yacht would be more than worth it. I didn’t think I would really meet anyone worthwhile. I was anxious and uncomfortable. I had nothing cute to wear. My aunt walked me down to the pier to see me off because she was nervous to let me get on a ship alone with a bunch of strangers. A 24-year-old girl has her aunt walk her down to board a yacht for a singles cruise.

Believe it or not, I did meet someone that night. Less than two minutes after my aunt had walked away I was approached by a young looking boy wearing a long sleeved gray and white striped sweater. His shirt was the exact one my ex-ex boyfriend (different from who I was trying to forget) wore in his Facebook profile photo. The boy told me he didn’t get home from the city until 3 a.m. the night before. I kept thinking, how old is this kid? He’s gotta be younger than me. He probably just turned 21. Turns out he was my age. And was a car guy who happened to drive a Jetta. As coincidence may have it my ex was also a car guy who drove a Jetta. I pegged him as an immature party boy who was from the far away land of New Jersey, (I’m from Long Island), who didn’t even have a college education and on top of all of that he was a Taurus and I’m a Gemini. The odds were against us. It would never work. Anyway, I probably judged him way too quickly. We ended up talking to each other like we had met years ago instead of two hours before. He would say something kind of dumb and I’d just say, really??? really?? Then we’d laugh.

I didn’t talk to any other guy the entire night. Some tall Indian dude who worked on Wall Street continued to approach me but I ignored him in favor of Jersey. People thought we had come to the event together. I wasn’t really too good at the mingling thing since I didn’t want to wander around alone. I felt threatened when Jersey went over to talk to a group of girls so I followed him (oops).  Then after walking away from him I ran into him again and poked him on the shoulder. We started back up again. I just wasn’t interested in anyone else.

Later in the night we stood at the bow of the boat and he wrapped his arms around me. We were both cold. He mentioned how he felt like we were Jack and Rose from Titanic. An older gentleman wearing a tan suit and thick glasses looked at us and asked if we had just met tonight. We smiled and said we had. The two of us stood there feeling the wind whip past us. I started to feel uncomfortable. Smothered. This guy with his arms wrapped around me was a total stranger. He lived all the way in New Jersey. I couldn’t bring myself to be all wrapped up in a guy again. I thought of my ex. Was this too soon? Was I ready?

Anyway, we finished out the night together on a bench in Union Square Park. He told me he doesn’t mind driving to Long Island. He walked me back to my aunt’s place where I was staying. We hugged goodbye. I screamed my infamous line “NO KISSING!” and that was it. I took this awesome photo as seen in my post, as well as many other beautiful photos of the sky that night, which I sent to Jersey. He even ended up blowing one of my photos up, getting it framed and hanging it on his wall.


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