Having Trouble Attracting A Man? Wear Heels.


When I wear heels I feel older, taller and more sophisticated. I also feel uncomfortable. Especially today.

As I walked into the back room in my gray platform booties I found myself at eye level with a salesman.

He does a double take before saying, “Oh, you’re tall today,”

“Yeah, I decided to wear heels.”

His wide brown eyes lit up in excitement. I could feel his bright stare going right through me.

“I like a woman who wears heels. I have a shoe fetish.”

The color drained from my face for a flash before I caught my composure. He must have noticed because in the next breath he explained.

“I’m a shoe guy. I love a woman who wears heels. I tell the women I work with all of the time how important it is to wear heels. It’s sexy. Men love it. They love women who wear heels. You see a woman walking into the building with flats and another with heels, the one wearing heels is going to be deemed as more attractive. It’s true. If I go on a date with a woman who isn’t a heel person I won’t date her. I’ll buy her heels. She won’t have to pay for any of it herself. All I need her to do is wear them.”

“And what do the women say to that?”

“They say okay, sure. If you and me went on a date, forget the age difference for a second just forget that. If we went on a date once or twice a week wouldn’t you want to dress up and look special?”

I kept staring at the thick chain around his neck. His two earrings. Imagining him explaining to a woman how he wants her to wear high heeled shoes at all times. Then it dawned on me. The previous summer he had tried to sell me a pair of fake Ugg boots from the trunk of his car. He lured me out back through the warehouse to his car and made a show of them. He likes tall boots that go up the calf. He encouraged me to try them on to “see if they fit.”

I flashed out of the memory. Chills went down my spine. He had me model them for him … ahhh!!!! I almost fell into a foot fetish trap!!

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