The Date After The Singles Cruise

Pizza-Love-ValentineWe did go on one date in Manhattan after that night we met. He decided to drive in from Jersey which resulted in him being about an hour late. Then told me he’d make it up to me by “buying me a slice of pizza.” It was an offer I scoffed at but oh, was he ever serious.

We said we were going to get something to eat yet when we were walking to find a pizza joint he approached a food truck and started to order himself a gyro. I got angry (I guess it brought me back to bad times with my ex). I mentioned I wanted to go to the Freedom Tower. Jersey told me that it cost money to go to the tower. I said I know it doesn’t cost money to see the memorial. I was turned off. He was a cheap date. He was relationship hungry. He was too nice. He was too simple. His favorite movie was National Treasure.

Yet this guy was the most happy go lucky person I think I’ve ever met in my entire life. I was irritated but he didn’t let it get to him. We just went with the flow of the night and instead of acting like a bitch I softened up. We sat on a bench in battery park overlooking Jersey. We sat together watching the sun go down. I played with his hair. He asked me how we were going to make a relationship work and frankly that scared the shit out of me. Then we got up and walked around.

I saw a contestant from What Not to Wear standing in front of a church! I even got to chat with her about her experience. It was awesome. We saw a free candlelight concert. I sat there listening to the hymns, holding my flame, staring into it. Over thinking. I could feel my face twitching with discomfort. All I could think of was my ex. I was here with this new person. I never could have imagined moving on so fast from my past. It felt funny.

He walked me back to Penn Station and waited with me for the train to come. We were hugging onto each other and I let myself feel good things. He asked if I was going to miss him. I didn’t admit it but I knew I would. We stood in a massive crowd of people, still holding onto each others hands. Then we looked at each other and slowly let go. All dramatic and romantic.

I eventually told Jersey I couldn’t do it. I just wasn’t ready for another boyfriend.


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