Don’t Wait for Someone to Save You

Maybe I have watched too many Disney movies that have made me a romantic with high standards. Maybe I do think too highly of myself and I can clearly see my own inner and outer beauty. I am a special young lady and I wholeheartedly believe that. Is it such a bad thing  to think “too” highly of oneself?

If we don’t respect and love ourselves then who will love and respect us? Who can we depend on to lift us up when we are down? In life, there are no guarantees. Humans are unpredictable. Selfish. Some, incapable of giving emotional support.

Say one day you’re stranded on the side of the road. You don’t have a cell phone. You’re all alone. There’s not a human being for miles. Then what would you do? Would you be able to save yourself?

Life is kinda like that.

You may find yourself stranded on an empty road someday and no one will know where you are. You may be too far in despair to even be able to communicate the way you feel. So it’s up to you to soothe yourself, to lift yourself up just enough to reach out, cling onto hope, make yourself strong and along the way hope that someone will see you. Dirty, hungry, tired and alone yet hopeful. Clinging onto faith. Holding onto an idea that someday you’ll find that Special Someone that you are meant to spend life with.

But until then we cope with what we have. We stay strong. We take care of ourselves, hold onto our pride and never lower our standards. Because our own self worth is all we truly have to fall back on.

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