I Cannot Deny My Love of Books

book-loverWe live in the age of information with conveniences such as e-readers and the Internet. Personally, I get overwhelmed with how much is available to us. For me there is nothing better than the feel of a real book in my hands. I adore books because they contain specific information. When you read a physical book there is no aimlessly wandering around to the next webpage, no staring at bright screens. You can’t text and read a book (you could but if you are I bet you’re not paying much attention). Books have beautiful art on the cover, they take time to be produced. They aren’t so quick, simple and easy like everything else in our world today. Reading requires an effort.

Physical books hold history. They can be passed on and shared between people. If someone has made notes in them, the next person reading that book can learn how the other person’s mind works. If you like to write in books yourself, you can look back decades later and discover little things about your personality that you may have forgotten. Let’s not leave out the glorious smell of old print. I am completely in love with books

After a 2 year long hiatus, I rediscovered my love for the local public library tonight. My love of the written word is deep and when I’m presented with so many options I just want to grab them all. I took out four books that are all due in exactly three weeks. I cannot wait to devour them on the 2 hours long train ride I have back and forth to work. I imagine myself staying up late into the night to finish them before their due date.

When is the last time you cracked open a book? A real book. What about the last time you visited your local library? If it’s been a while, get to it! You can thank me later 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Cannot Deny My Love of Books

  1. Books are the best, aren’t they! I tried reading ebooks the last couple of years and while it is cheaper and convenient, I am so convinced physical books are better – hehe. Love books, trying to read more since it makes me happy.

    • Yes, they truly are!! I haven’t tried e-books partly because I don’t want to get too used to the feel of a lighter backpack, (ha-ha), and I don’t think it would give me the same pleasure I get from having a real book in my hands. Reading expands the mind. I hope you enjoy the next book you pick up 😉

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