Putting Yourself First


People tell me I have a knack for writing about dating and relationships. I am always doling out my share of love advice. I am fascinated by the way people interact with one another. Because of that, most of my blog posts are based around dating and relationships. I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories and experiences but after turning another year older on Saturday I have finally learned some important things.

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New York City Dreams Come True


At 7:25 each morning I warm up my car and prep for my trek into New York. From the moment I walk out of my house it will take me exactly 90 minutes to reach the door to my office. I drive to the train station 5 minutes away, park my car and walk up the long stairway to the train platform.

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Why You Shouldn’t Let an Emo Kid Judge Your Life

IMG_20150914_122753It was the end of Summer and my friend invited me to go crabbing with her boyfriend and his friend. As we walked down to the dock she warned me that her boyfriend’s friend was a bit strange. She mentioned not liking his long, greasy hair or the bizarre relationship he had recently gotten out of. She also told me he was once a heavy drug user but he had weaned himself off of the destructive habit.

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Manifest Love Into Your Life With A Silver Box (or pail)

LovePailIn yoga when I’m in plow pose I close my eyes and focus on the space between my eyebrows. While in meditation, I repeat this mantra over and over: I want true love/real love/best friend love/healthy love. I channel all of my energy into opening myself up to love freely. When the time comes to break the pose I let go of my manifestation and continue to breathe and move through my practice.

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Being a Woman is Complicated

If you haven’t read this book by Eve Ensler, you should. Especially if you’re a woman. She gives me inspiration when I need it most.

I am an emotional creature. I have complicated, layered, massive feelings.

I can have intense reactions. I am dramatic, irrational, frustrating, yet deep.

I can get sad for no reason. Feeling alone, rejected, I weep.

I can let words hurt, the sting lasts for days.

I can stop feeling, stare endlessly into space.

I can overlook all of the good, focus on bad,  sometimes I believe I only deserve to be sad.

I can make mountains out of molehills, I can blame others and not myself, I can be rude and spiteful and deny kindness or help.

Although I can feel an abundance of ways, it’s not how I like to spend most of my days.

So I begin to tell myself I am loving, and kind. I am beautiful, healthy, this life is all mine.

I can choose to spend it whining, hopeless, seeking repentance.

Or I can begin on a road to self-discovery and acceptance.

And if no one can deal, I don’t need anyone else.

All that I need is to be true to myself.