The Time I Took a Writing Class

In mid-October I decided I needed a positive outlet to release all of the thoughts racing in my mind. I put my monthly commuter pass to good use and added another Manhattan travel day to my week – 5 days for work, 1 Sunday for a Creative Writing 101 course at Gotham Writer’s workshop.

The first class was a bit awkward. Nobody spoke to one another. Our teacher had a Southern twang, a white ponytail and a hint of eccentricity. Each week we learned a new topic: OIL, non-fiction, fiction, genre, getting better; and after each class we would complete a homework assignment using concepts we learned from each topic. At the start of every Sunday, we would get a writing prompt, read our pieces aloud, and give feedback/constructive criticism. It was a lot of fun.

Since the course has ended I’ve written more short stories. I enjoyed the things i produced in class as well. I’m proud of it. I also noticed places where I can improve I switch up tenses often, I didn’t notice that was one of my habits. I also am obsessed with filler words – just, like, he, she – also i use tons of “was.” Writing comes somewhat easily to me but it really isn’t so easy. It’s all about shaping and molding sentences to make it sound attractive, to keep a reader’s attention, it’s all about making the reader like you.

I also learned about my ability to paint a picture of the world through observation. I enjoyed the comments my teacher contributed regarding my performance in the class.I found it to be a great experience all around.

To get better at a writer, you need to write. When things get negative – write, when your mind starts to wander – write, when you ¬†feel empty inside – write, when you try and look for outside distractions to make you happy – – write!!! When you’re looking to feel loved and supported – write. Keep it moving, keep on going. Do what you’re good at.